Melrose Bay Art Gallery
My style and enthusiasm comes from the Impressionist Artists. To me, impressionism means taking inspiration directly from nature, trusting my senses rather than what I think I know. My goal is to approach each painting with a fresh, open awareness to the scene which allows me to learn from each painting.

My joy comes from painting on location. I value the ability to put down my first impression quickly. In my paintings, you will find so much going on all at once, vivid colors, reflections of light and lots of brush strokes. I love the whole painting process; the creaminess of the paint, the bounce of the brush against the canvas, the challenge of capturing that moment in time and that unique sense of place. Expressing that powerful moment, that bit of nature, and sharing it with the viewer, strongly motivates me.

My paintings are my portrayal of nature’s beauty. Through enhanced colors and energetic brushstrokes, I am moved by the energy flow that expresses that particular time and place. Nature is my endless inspiration.