Melrose Bay Art Gallery
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Frank’s goal in painting is to create an interesting design and depict what he actually sees -- maintaining a faithfulness to observation while giving it his own unique generalization.

Frank says, “I think I need dramatic light when working outside. A sunny day is important so I have an excuse to paint very dark darks and very light lights.” This makes things a lot easier when depicting visual reality which is achieved by depicting the quality and essence of light. The design of Frank’s paintings is achieved through the choice of composition, a personal style of painting (or mark making) and a little local color invention of inanimate objects. Frank tries to include architecture as well as inanimate objects in his work. This makes it easier for him to depict light too, because trees and vegetation alone can be too amorphous --not allowing him to carve form confidently. If Frank can get away with painting a large area with one brush stroke, he will --if he can still render what sees on the canvas and create a convincing space. One can see the design and physicality of the paint on the canvas and is reminded that the work is also about paint itself as well as light.

Frank likes the challenge of generalizing and creating a somewhat “sketchy” or “thick paint” look in his work at the same time as accurately depicting he sees. Frank says, “ I don’t think I could ever exhaust this approach to making pictures. “

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