Melrose Bay Art Gallery
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Carole Worthington
116 Clearwater Lake Rd.
Hawthorne, Fl. 32640
352 481 6298

I get great joy and peace from going out with my camera to shoot Florida’s verdant land and water scapes, where I am entranced by the mystery and beauty.
It’s the artist in me that lets me change, arrange, and enhance the images. Not all of my work is of wild Florida but all is from my own photos. As well as being a digital artist, I am a painter and a potter. My resume includes many group and solo painting shows and pottery is my day job. I have awards in all three categories.
I think of the computer as a tool, just like a set of brushes. Adobe Photoshop and Corel soft wares are super tools.
I approach my creative photography in the same manner as when I’m painting, in terms of composition, color and a feeling for the subject. I try to express some of the feeling that inspired me in shooting the original photo. Creating art makes me happy.
Of course there are technical aspects that must be met to produce a lasting piece of art. All of my work is archival.

I can print my images any size up to 30 x 50 for you.