Melrose Bay Art Gallery
6th Annual Melrose Art Festival

Melrose Open Air Arts 2012 - Schedule of Events

Saturday, March 24, 10 am – 4 pm

Come watch over 50 artists during the weekend working in historic Melrose, at the Greathouse Butterfly Farm nearby and lakeside at Melrose Bay Park. Completed artwork for sale and on display at all three Galleries. Gift shops open at both Shake Rag and Melrose Bay Art Galleries.

Greathouse Butterfly Farm, at the corner of SR 26 and CR 1469, is just a few miles west of Melrose. Locations of painting sites and directions will be at Melrose Bay Art Gallery.

10 am, Heritage Park. Painting demonstration by nationally known landscape artist, Trish Vevera. FREE. “With sea, sky or tree before me… I gesture my painting surface with diverse organic movements. I translate the essence of the landscape into color texture, and shape.”

10 – 11:30 am, Greathouse Butterfly Farm. A Photo Safari - bring your camera and join professional photographer Jeff Knee for a trek around Greathouse Butterfly Farm. FREE.

8:00 – 10:30 pm, Dance/Concert at Shake Rag Arts & Culture Center
The Relics – 60's classic rock and dance music
Tickets $10.00 donation at the door. Wine and beer available for donation.

Sunday, March 25, 10 am – 4 pm
Artists working in Melrose at Heritage Park and other sites. FREE. Completed artwork for sale on display at all Galleries. Gift shops open at both Shake Rag and Melrose Bay Art Galleries.

1 – 4 pm. Artists will also be at the Greathouse Butterfly Farm. FREE.

2 – 3 pm, Heritage Park. Painting demonstration by award-winning artist, Eleanor Blair. FREE.
"I search for beauty in the natural world and in everyday things... I love to see how light transforms objects and places, and to capture that transformation in paint."

7 pm, Bellamy Road Fine Arts. “Landscapes & En Plein Air Paintings” Art Lecture by Daniel Stepp, M.F.A. New York Academy of Art. Mr. Stepp teaches painting at Santa Fe College. Part of “Some Sundays at Seven,” series. Limited seating. Donation at door.

Friday, March 30, Champagne Opening Reception

4:30 - 6:30 pm - Art Preview for patrons who sponsored Purchase Awards. Provides first opportunity for choice from wide selection of art.

7 – 10 pm - Ticketed event with champagne and light food.
Tickets cost $25 each - a donation which will benefit the arts in Melrose, The Doris Bardon Community Cultural Center, or Florida's Eden/Blue Path. Ticket is admission to all three Melrose galleries to see the art in a relaxed atmosphere and to have first choice in purchasing work for your collection. Tickets: and at The Doris, Gainesville.

Saturday, March 31, 10 am – 8 pm
All three galleries open with exhibits of Open Air Artworks for sale. FREE.

8:00 – 10:30 pm - Dance/Concert at Shake Rag Art and Culture Center
Quarter Moon with Tuck Tucker - Americana music featuring Dobro and guitar
Tickets $10.00 donation at the door. Wine and beer available for donation.

View the entire Open Air Arts 2012 Program and complete catalog in pdf format at:
OAA 2012 Program.


Also through the months of March & April in our main gallery....
Leaf and Bark and Limb and Bough – Landscapes by Jerry Cutler



David Turner Warner Foundation | Bellamy Road Arts

Melrose Bay Art Gallery, art co-op

Shake Rag Art & Culture Center, and co-op

Primavera Festival | Florida's Eden & The Blue Path

Alachua County Office of Waste Alternatives

Plum Creek | Envision Alachua

Greathouse Butterfly Farm, Earleton

Blue Water Bay Restaurant, Melrose

Central Florida Office Plus, Gainesville

Solar Impact, Gainesville

Pais Landscapes & Pais Realty, Gainesville

The Lee House Catering & Hosting | Anna LaDue, Melrose

First Care of Gainesville | SIMED

Melrose Business and Community Association

Quality Cleaners, 7 locations

Trevor Waters Realty, Keystone Heights

The Doris Bardon Community Cultural Center, Gainesville

Héctor Framing & Gallery, Gainesville

Lake Area Physical Therapy, Melrose

Seven Stars Farm Hosting & Catering, Melrose

Gainesville Eye Physicians | Melrose Optical

Historic Melrose, Inc.

Melrose Pest Control

Millhopper Coin & Jewelry Gallery, Gainesville

Crop Shop Salon, Melrose

Amiro Gallery, St. Augustine

Melrose Book Place | Peter Senesac | Annie B. Hughes, Melrose

Metamorphosis Wellness & Healing, Melrose

Chiappini's, Melrose

Melrose Café

The Wake Station Surf Shop, Melrose

Artisan's Guild Gallery, Gainesville

Framer's Corner | Gail Davis, Melrose

DiGangi Worthington Pottery

Custom Cypress Furniture, Hawthorne

Sonia Inoue Massage, Earleton

Lake Area Dental, Dr. Jeff Smith, Melrose

Dennis Kellogg, Woodwork & Contractor, St. Augustine

Haase Design Architecture, Melrose

Melrose Senior Community Center

Lather & Lace, Melrose

Harriet Huss, sponsor-artist

Reed Pedlow, sponsor-artist

Phil Robinson, sponsor-artist

Tim Malles, sponsor-artist

Gary Borse, sponsor-artist | Jeff Knee, sponsor-artist

Walter Volkmann, Micro Aerial Projects LLC
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