Melrose Bay Art Gallery
Gallery Location
103 SR 26 in Melrose, Florida
South side of SR 26; West of SR 21

Gallery Phone: (352) 475-3866

Gallery Hours
SAT 10 am - 6 pm
SUN 1-5 pm
or by appointment with member artists

Mailing Address
Melrose Bay Art Gallery
PO Box 36
Melrose, FL 32666


Melrose Bay Art Gallery exhibits the work of many of the finest artists in the area. A new exhibition is featured about every six weeks.

Artists represented by the Melrose Bay Art Gallery include:
Harold Barrand
Kate Barnes
Frank Barone
Bob Bird
Stacey Breheny
Anne Gilroy
Catharina House
Harriet Huss
Norman Jensen
Michele Karahalios
Linda Kemp
Karen LeMonnier
Davis McGlathery
Reed Pedlow
Leslie Peebles
Regina Stahl Briskey
Steve Thrift
Margaret Tolbert
Lisa Trometer
Ellen West
Kathleen Wobie
Carole Worthington

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